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Web iPhoto Access - Bugs connus / To do
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Date de création : 28/01/2006 @ 19:10
Dernière modification : 22/10/2006 @ 19:59
Catégorie : Web iPhoto Access
Page lue 47374 fois

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Réaction n°14 

par rony le 14/09/2008 @ 20:31

demo looks really interesting but i get a memory error on my setup that flashes too fast (after reading library) to read so i can't even begin to debug it without being able to read the entire error line being generated. it refreshes back to loading library almost instantly and then cycles this process indefinitely.
I might of run the installer 2 times by mistake, possible could of messed things up but not sure either.
I'll go through the forum (just realized there is one) after i post this.

Réaction n°13 

par Jacek le 17/02/2008 @ 03:00

Thanks for a great program.

Bug report:
When I tried to load my library for the first time, it got stuck on the progress bar.
I fixed it by increasing memory_limit to 64M in php.ini, but it took me a long time to figure it out. It would be much better if you showed a meaningful error message when PHP runs out of memory.

1. Installer - don't modify httpd.conf, put changes in /etc/httpd/users/wipha.conf (like entropy does)
2. Keep the order of pictures in albums the same as in iPhoto
3. Allow user to change what click on a picture does, I prefer zoom
4. Start Slideshow - big button at the top
5. Maybe you could make slideshow look like .Mac slideshows

Réaction n°12 

par william le 06/02/2007 @ 02:07

great app, thanks for the effort.

here is one feature request. i would like to have a link to the wipha page from my main website, but once there, there is no easy way to get back. would be cool to have a configurable button, maybe in the header next to "logout" or "new search" which, from the configure screen, user could enter a link which would go to another web site - in my case, back to my home page...
thanks again...

Réaction n°11 

par lycj le 19/10/2006 @ 11:15

I use wipha to broadcast video, but the quicktime movies is too small, will it possible offer a options for full screen viewing (or x2, x4 etc)?

Thanks for developing this.

Réaction n°10 

par LF le 04/09/2006 @ 13:22

Excellent !

Small problem with version 2.2: if the WiPha service is behind a firewall, it hangs on login when trying to access the update information:
timout on "file_get_contents(".

Could it be possible to disable the version check (or use the system proxy information) ?

Réaction n°9 

par Greg le 04/08/2006 @ 05:57

My WiPhA service is behind a firewall. I needed to have the server name reflect the (reverse) proxy host name instead of the name the host WiPhA is actually running on in the xml. I made the following change which I am sure could be done much better.

*** photocast.php- Wed Aug 2 05:12:42 2006
--- photocast.php Thu Aug 3 17:28:44 2006
*** 35,40 ****
--- 35,42 ----
knowledge of the CeCILL license and that you accept its terms.

+ $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] = "";
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);

Solution: use the Apache ProxyPreserveHost directive.

Réaction n°8 

par Peter_Goedtkindt le 17/07/2006 @ 17:07

Just a great tool !
I run it on MacOS Tiger server.
I have one issue and a few feature requests....
Issue with 2.1:
When loading multiple libraries, users sometimes don't get beyond the "Please select library" page unless they refresh the page. It is not always re-produceable confused

The would be nice to have list:
A/ allow users to choose to store preferences regarding size of thumbnails, size of slide show etc...
B/ allow administrators to set limits per library and per user on the size of thumbnails, size of slide show
and download size of images.
C/ try to detect server bandwidth issues, and scale back on image quality and/or resolution if too many users hit the server. Give a feedback to the user if this happens.
D/ For slideshows, try to detect screen size, and try to make best use of available size (taking into account the limits set in point B). Same for the thumbnails: I have a wide screen, more then 3 columns would result in less scrolling.

My favorite:
E/ allow a "buy image" interface...

Feel free to contact me to discuss details. I'm even willing to get my hands dirty smile

Oh, yes... the wipha installer on tiger server has a small bug...
the /etc/httpd/users was not existant on my system, and the installer did not create the directory before writing into it...

Peter Goedtkindt,

Réaction n°7 

par Steve le 04/05/2006 @ 17:11

I really like this app. Very nice job! Any chance you will set it up to use SSL secure encrypted access (https) in a future version?

Réaction n°6 

par KM le 10/03/2006 @ 07:30

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Create new folder "wipha" and work fine!!!!!

Réaction n°5 

par KM le 09/03/2006 @ 09:51

Hallo-after install Wipha 2.0 - no work! Safari: "Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /~KM/wipha on this server."
Probe delete Wipha 2.0, and install old version Wipha 0.7 - Work fine!!!!! Install again Wipha 2.0: again bug: Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /~pokus/wipha on this server.
Please: help me!
Thank You
Answer: look here
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