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Web iPhoto Access - Bugs connus / To do
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Date de création : 28/01/2006 @ 19:10
Dernière modification : 22/10/2006 @ 19:59
Catégorie : Web iPhoto Access
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Réaction n°14 

par rony le 14/09/2008 @ 20:31

demo looks really interesting but i get a memory error on my setup that flashes too fast (after reading library) to read so i can't even begin to debug it without being able to read the entire error line being generated. it refreshes back to loading library almost instantly and then cycles this process indefinitely.
I might of run the installer 2 times by mistake, possible could of messed things up but not sure either.
I'll go through the forum (just realized there is one) after i post this.

Réaction n°13 

par Jacek le 17/02/2008 @ 03:00

Thanks for a great program.

Bug report:
When I tried to load my library for the first time, it got stuck on the progress bar.
I fixed it by increasing memory_limit to 64M in php.ini, but it took me a long time to figure it out. It would be much better if you showed a meaningful error message when PHP runs out of memory.

1. Installer - don't modify httpd.conf, put changes in /etc/httpd/users/wipha.conf (like entropy does)
2. Keep the order of pictures in albums the same as in iPhoto
3. Allow user to change what click on a picture does, I prefer zoom
4. Start Slideshow - big button at the top
5. Maybe you could make slideshow look like .Mac slideshows

Réaction n°12 

par william le 06/02/2007 @ 02:07

great app, thanks for the effort.

here is one feature request. i would like to have a link to the wipha page from my main website, but once there, there is no easy way to get back. would be cool to have a configurable button, maybe in the header next to "logout" or "new search" which, from the configure screen, user could enter a link which would go to another web site - in my case, back to my home page...
thanks again...

Réaction n°11 

par lycj le 19/10/2006 @ 11:15

I use wipha to broadcast video, but the quicktime movies is too small, will it possible offer a options for full screen viewing (or x2, x4 etc)?

Thanks for developing this.

Réaction n°10 

par LF le 04/09/2006 @ 13:22

Excellent !

Small problem with version 2.2: if the WiPha service is behind a firewall, it hangs on login when trying to access the update information:
timout on "file_get_contents(".

Could it be possible to disable the version check (or use the system proxy information) ?

Réaction n°9 

par Greg le 04/08/2006 @ 05:57

My WiPhA service is behind a firewall. I needed to have the server name reflect the (reverse) proxy host name instead of the name the host WiPhA is actually running on in the xml. I made the following change which I am sure could be done much better.

*** photocast.php- Wed Aug 2 05:12:42 2006
--- photocast.php Thu Aug 3 17:28:44 2006
*** 35,40 ****
--- 35,42 ----
knowledge of the CeCILL license and that you accept its terms.

+ $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] = "";
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);

Solution: use the Apache ProxyPreserveHost directive.

Réaction n°8 

par Peter_Goedtkindt le 17/07/2006 @ 17:07

Just a great tool !
I run it on MacOS Tiger server.
I have one issue and a few feature requests....
Issue with 2.1:
When loading multiple libraries, users sometimes don't get beyond the "Please select library" page unless they refresh the page. It is not always re-produceable confused

The would be nice to have list:
A/ allow users to choose to store preferences regarding size of thumbnails, size of slide show etc...
B/ allow administrators to set limits per library and per user on the size of thumbnails, size of slide show
and download size of images.
C/ try to detect server bandwidth issues, and scale back on image quality and/or resolution if too many users hit the server. Give a feedback to the user if this happens.
D/ For slideshows, try to detect screen size, and try to make best use of available size (taking into account the limits set in point B). Same for the thumbnails: I have a wide screen, more then 3 columns would result in less scrolling.

My favorite:
E/ allow a "buy image" interface...

Feel free to contact me to discuss details. I'm even willing to get my hands dirty smile

Oh, yes... the wipha installer on tiger server has a small bug...
the /etc/httpd/users was not existant on my system, and the installer did not create the directory before writing into it...

Peter Goedtkindt,

Réaction n°7 

par Steve le 04/05/2006 @ 17:11

I really like this app. Very nice job! Any chance you will set it up to use SSL secure encrypted access (https) in a future version?

Réaction n°6 

par KM le 10/03/2006 @ 07:30

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Create new folder "wipha" and work fine!!!!!

Réaction n°5 

par KM le 09/03/2006 @ 09:51

Hallo-after install Wipha 2.0 - no work! Safari: "Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /~KM/wipha on this server."
Probe delete Wipha 2.0, and install old version Wipha 0.7 - Work fine!!!!! Install again Wipha 2.0: again bug: Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /~pokus/wipha on this server.
Please: help me!
Thank You
Answer: look here

Réaction n°4 

par MathieuMa le 22/02/2006 @ 20:35

What about hosting the library to a remote server ?
Not everybody got a mac available 24/7 to serve a library :)

This is possible of course.
How do you think i made my online demo ? wink
But, this needs to be a mac server, since I use a command line mac utility to resize pictures (sips).
It would probably be possible to replace it by the php GD module, but I overall want WiPhA to run on a standard mac install, and the mac php doesn't embbed GD.

Réaction n°3 

par AdrianB le 17/02/2006 @ 02:09

If it's not too much work, then support for PHP5 would be nice. [done in 2.0]

Réaction n°2 

par Willy le 09/02/2006 @ 20:21

This is a feature request and not a question, so I'm putting it hear instead of the forum.

It would be nice to set the "default click action" for thumbnails, and have a "set for download" link at the bottom like there's a view link now.  We're using this as my wife's access to my photo library, and 99% of the time she just needs to grab a couple jpeg's, so she doesn't need a zipfile but instinct is to just click the thumbnail.  I got a frown first time I explained to her how it works smile  So I'd love to change from the default behavior to instead View, and have a small button for selecting to be zipped.

Maybe (but I don't believe in it now) in a future release. Let me explain the way I did it: When you want to select pictures to download, you have to click several times and focusing a small icon would make it long and difficult. That's why I set this action on the complete image.
But if you want to display an image (that means, switch to the slideshow mode), you just need to click one time in this icon, and you stay in the slideshow mode.

Réaction n°1 

par KM le 01/02/2006 @ 09:59

Please: support multiple iPhoto Library !!!! (diferent name library) [done in 1.0]
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