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External Editor - FAQ, Téléchargement
L'accès est direct avec les icones FAQ faq.gif et Téléchargement download.gif au sommet de la page.

Date de création : 23/08/2005 @ 20:46
Dernière modification : 09/12/2005 @ 23:01
Catégorie : External Editor
Page lue 32146 fois

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Réaction n°18 

par wiki le 02/04/2013 @ 23:37


Réaction n°17 

par pablo le 24/11/2011 @ 02:54

This is /exactly/ what I'm looking for!  Thank you very much.

Réaction n°16 

par tadd le 24/12/2010 @ 11:29


Réaction n°15 

par yuckfou le 23/12/2009 @ 19:49

Why isn't this on AMO?  One reason is that its current design will not allow it to be.

There is an option to check mail servers every X seconds, rather than every X minutes, as Tbird allows natively.  This option is on by default.  This is very nice (that's sarcasm) for people like me who check their mail often (e.g. every 2 minutes) before this extension is installed.  What happens, as you can imagine, is that as soon as YAMB is installed and Tbird is restarted, it begins checking the mail server EVERY 2 F*****G SECONDS!

Réaction n°14 

par jessejazza le 21/02/2009 @ 11:23

This is another super ext developed by someone and a bit like ImportExportTools not well known. I have just spent several days fiddling around with Mutt and one or two other email clients to try and use vi keybindings for email.

The only problem i've had is that the print size is a bit small but that is just a setting in xterm somewhere. But why xterm... i'm not technical enough but i';d be interested to know.

I wish i'd known about this earlier. I'm interested in its use as it is so much quicker to be editing email by text editor [chopping all the excess like signitures off] with a few key touches instead of having to reach for the mouse all the time.

However, your hard work is particlularly of interest to those that use an editor OTHER than vi/vim  - mozilla have developed [at test stage] Muttator which many will no doubt use. Now i'm wondeering if i wouldn't prefer to use Joe [joe's editor JSTAR] with wordstart keybindings. Perhaps showing my age but i still find wordstar keybindings the most productive to use.


Réaction n°13 

par TimFreedom le 21/12/2008 @ 08:34

Why isn't this very useful extension part of Thunderbird's Addon website [1] ?
It took me a while to find it after a friend noted its existence and I'm sure
others might have missed for similar reasons...

Do please get it included into the add-on repository as I'm sure many others
will find it very handy.

Regards and keep up the great work/updates, etc.


Réaction n°12 

par coro le 14/09/2007 @ 12:19

Yes, very nice ... Thanks for sharing!
(The only thing missing is the option to have the external editor be used as default...!?)

Réaction n°11 

par Frank le 21/09/2006 @ 20:40

Thanks, this extension is just what I was looking for!

Réaction n°10 

par Neil le 13/04/2006 @ 04:23

Great thanks for your extensions.

It's very helpful.

Réaction n°9 

par ChaTo le 18/02/2006 @ 16:53

And by the way THANK YOU this works pretty well smile
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