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Extensions auto update - by Globs 16/10/2005 @ 19:15

As of today, Thunderbird automaticaly updates my extensions (according to it's settings).
To initialize the mecanism, you nevertheless need to download and install again the last version of the extension (Yamb: 0.6.4, External Editor: 0.7.1) in which I added the update URL.

Updated the Spanish and Italian locales of version 0.6.4 .

yamb.pngYamb Version 0.6.4 - by Globs 27/09/2005 @ 00:32

Avoids Thunderbird to block and display this message "This folder is being processed. Please wait until processing is completed to get messages." when several POP accounts use the same inbox folder. This mainly happened to users who decided to gather their accounts in the global inbox.

yamb.pngNotification using Growl - by Globs 25/09/2005 @ 16:48

One more notification script for Mac users, now based on Growl.
To be downloaded as usual on the Yamb Usage page.

EDIT: I forgot to precise that this script, as well as the screenshot had been provided to me by David LaPorte. Thank's.

yamb.pngNew notifier for Ma cOSX - by Globs 21/09/2005 @ 22:42

Here is a small notification script only for the happy Mac users, using the wonderful iAlert.
To be downloaded on the Yamb Usage page.


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