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Yamb v0.6.3

  • Compatible Thunderbird 1.5 .
  • [new] Added a german locale.
  • [new] Added a notifier test button in the Yamb option window.
  • [bug] An empty parameter passed to a windows script was not taken in account; it's now replaced by [empty].
  • [bug] In Windows, scripts are now displayed in the notifier file selection dialog.

External Editor v0.7.1

  • [new] Compatible Thunderbird 1.5 .
  • [new] Added a dutch locale.
  • Update of the japanese locale.

yamb.pngNew tcl/tk notifier script - by Globs 16/09/2005 @ 18:56

Thank's to Arthur Van Dam for his MSN-popup-like notifier, to be downloaded on his site or on my Usage page.


New hosting, new web adress - by Globs 14/09/2005 @ 03:35

I just quit my free webhosting whose servers were deleting my content. I am now hosted in a place which I think and which I hope is more serious.

The new and final adress becomes :

yamb.pngYamb Version 0.6.2 - by Globs 08/09/2005 @ 13:36

  • [new] Added a japanese locale.
  • [bug] All mail checks which would have been performed while the computer was hibernating took place when it woke up.
  • [bug] Modifying the mail check interval in the Account manager was not properly taken in account.

yamb.pngYamb Version 0.6.1 - by Globs 01/09/2005 @ 15:13

New Yamb version (0.6.1): Adds the spanish locale.

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