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actif  Sujet n° 200  This extension is UN-BE-LIE-VABLE!

le 20/06/2007 @ 16:11
par DavidP



Hi Globs, I can't believe what I stumbled upon just now with your extension! (and I have like about three dozen other "important" thunderbird extensions on my system...)

This is just so unbelievable...

Only yesterday I tried to figure how to possibly use an external editor for composing mail in Thunderbird -- and I even wrote about it at Mozilla here:

Maybe you are not yet aware that you really are about to kill "the rest" of Outlook with this extension. And yes, I mean it.

If it were possible to replace the thunderbird composing window completely in
favor of e.g. Word (yes, that's true: Word!) you could literally convert millions of people from Outlook to Thunderbird -- since the one outstanding capability of Outlook is that you simply but elegantly write your email in Word!

For my part, I would even pay, or donate or whatever, like XX$­ for a working "Word as Mail Composer in Thunderbird" extension.

As a patent attorney, I write all my correspondence with clients through e-mail, and I depend heavily on
a) easy, fast but still rich formatting (for example, I use the text highlighter a lot) and
b) ability to dictate text easily
when composing e-mail.

Both is only really possible when using Microsoft Word, having all one's custom shortcuts, toolbars etc. readily at hand.

And what's more, regarding Word, here's one good news already about using Word with External Editor. What I found out is, in the External Editor settings, if you use the path

"[Program Path]\WINWORD.EXE" /w"

what you get is always an *additional instance* of Word. So there is no problem with External Editor anymore, when other Word documents are already open!

Now, if the following two more issues could be solved, I STRONGLY believe that this extension could become an *absolute* KILLER:

  • the possibility to have embedded graphics in e-mails and still be able to edit them using External Editor without breaking the link to the graphic; and
  • use the external application as standard editor from the start, without having to open thunderbird's composing window first (ideally with some possibility to insert "to", "cc" etc. as well as attachments).

Really, as a former Outlook user I'd be even happy to pay or otherwise support such a fantastic extension simply because it literally would pay off for me after like two days -- since it would save SO much time and effort with today's primary professional communication media - email.

Thank you already for considering my suggestions, and I'll be happy to support you in any way that I am able to (e.g. translating),


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Réponse n° 1
le 06/02/2009 @ 08:06
par RobertW


DavidP and Globs -
Thank you both- it is a brilliant little workaround to the lack of extension editor, and David, the /w at the end of the WINWORD.EXE solved the problem of the extension editor only working with Word when no files were open. nkl

I just started using Tbird, from Outlook, and was considering going out and paying MS for the new Outlook, despite liking Tbird a lot for that very reason. It is now, however the killer app/n. I love my autocorrect and capitalization from Word, but it can be used, I am sure, with OOWriter as well, for those who have made the switch. David, you are right about the hurdle being cleared to use Tbird!k
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