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actif  Sujet n° 228  Helpful hints for people using Emacs

le 09/04/2008 @ 09:35
par Marc



To save people some fiddling, here is how to use the External Editor extension
with Emacs under Mac OS X (Leopard), without constantly restarting Emacs.

After installing the extension into
Thunderbird, use the extension's Options to set the editor to /usr/bin/emacsclient,
not /usr/bin/emacs.
Then, in a separate X-terminal (under Applications/Utilities),
launch /usr/bin/emacs
and start the gnuclient server (by inserting "(server-start)" in your init file), or
invoking it on an Emacs command line.  Now, when you click on the External
Editor icon in your compose window (if you've put it there), or type Command-E
in a compose window, it will bring up a window in your already running emacs
with the message under composition.  When you're done editing, save the buffer
and issue "(server-done)" in the buffer.  It will then be returned to Thunderbird
with your edited text.  Emacs will stay running.  This allows you to work on many
messages at once, as well as other files - a preference of most Emacs users.
It also avoids the expense of starting up a new Emacs for each message.

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Réponse n° 1
le 09/04/2008 @ 20:44
par Globs



Thanks for the tip.
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