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actif  Sujet n° 231  Emacsclient sometimes doesn't return properly

le 23/04/2008 @ 02:12
par marclevoy



Earlier, I posted a recipe for getting Thunderbird to talk to Emacs via
emacsclient, in a way that kept Emacs running.  This recipe seems to work
98% of the time.  However, on occasion when I invoke "(server-done)",
the ExtEditor add-on will pop up a dialog box that says:

    ExtEditor: The temporary file doesn't exist or is not readable:

Why is this happening?  When I look in /tmp, the file is indeed there.
Is the server returning control to Thunderbird while the file is sitting in
a cache somewhere, waiting to be written out?  (Emacs 22.1, Thunderbird, Mac OS 10.5).

Worse, there seems to be no escape from this situation.  Clicking on "Ok" in
the dialog box immediately brings it up again.  I have no alternative except to
Force-Quit Thunderbird and relaunch it.

In fact, I have run into several dialog boxes popped up by ExtEditor that have
this same property, that dismissing them simply brings them up again, and I
have to Force-Quit Thunderbird.  Can this behavior be fixed?

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Réponse n° 1
le 07/08/2008 @ 19:00
par ChrisHibbert


This happens to me as well.  Usually it happens the first time I invoke the External Editor from a recently started version of Thunderbird.  Since the message editor is then blocked and uncloseable, I kill that running copy of TB.  The next TB will work correctly with the External Editor, and be fine as long as it runs.  

I'm running a MacBook Pro with 10.5.4.  I have Thunderbird, and AquaMacs 1.3a (based on GNU Emacs  

I use emacsclient routinely with subversion, and it never has any trouble with the returned files.

I'm not familiar with the code for Thunderbird or External Editor, but if they're in Java, I'd be happy to take a look.  Does anyone have any suggestions for where to find the code or where to look for potential problems?
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Réponse n° 2
le 23/08/2008 @ 19:16
par Globs




this will be fixed in EE 0.8 which will work (only) on TB 3.0.

I mean, I might not be able to fix the root cause of the issue (I don't know why EE doesn't find the temp file when it looks for it), but at least, the editor window will be restored properly.
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Réponse n° 3
le 23/08/2008 @ 19:50
par ChrisHibbert


That will certainly be sufficient.  At least that way I can try again without having to kill and restart TB.  Thanks.
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