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actif  Sujet n° 262  External editor Emacs on Tbird (Windows 2000)

le 23/08/2009 @ 18:27
par Caudex



I installed add-on exteditor.xpi v. 074 on Tbird but instead of a new buffer opening in a running instance of Emacs , a new instance is opened. Email subject line is buffer name but it is new file. Error from Emacs appears before the new instance of Emacs opens "... target machine refused connection to emacsclientw. If I can get around these problems what do I do in Emacs to finalize the editing?
A save went to:

Wrote c:/DOCUME~1/EC/LOCALS~1/Temp/Re_sest_1251044563859.eml

But nothing corresponding appeared in Tbird ???

Am also running Firemax in FF 3.5.2 but I don't think this can affect Exteditor, can it?


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Réponse n° 1
le 23/08/2009 @ 23:11
par Globs



Looks like a blocking/non blocking command line program. I don't know Emacs client/server mode, that's not my editor of choice. But don't forget this Exteral Editor requirement: the command line used to launch the external editor must block until you quit the editor, or close it's buffer or whatever. This is when I get the content back to put it in the TB window. If your editor doesn't block during edition, TB gets nothing to display and doesn't wait anymore.
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