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actif  Sujet n° 281  [bug] EE 0.8 and Thunderbird 3

le 24/02/2010 @ 16:12
par DavidSG




In my department we use the external editor add-on v0.8 with Thunderbird 3.03 to edit emails using Emacs 22.2.1. Everything works fine in most of the cases, but sometimes after closing the editor, the content is not copied to the email and the tmp file is removed (losing all the work).
I have edited the code of the add-on to avoid the deletion of the temporary files as a workaround for the problem, but the bug remains. I suspect we are not the only one with this problem and I would like to offer my support and help to try to solve it.
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Réponse n° 1
le 24/02/2010 @ 23:59
par Globs




if you identify a bug in the actual code, or find a more reliable way to fork a thread for the external editor, I'll be glad to add it in EE.

Thanks for your help.

Note: never deleting the temporary files isn't a very good idea either: unless you have a script to clean your /tmp, it will end crowded with these EE files.
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Réponse n° 2
le 25/02/2010 @ 10:08
par DavidSG


My knowledge of javascript is not enough to find the bug, as I haven't been able to reproduce it exactly. Simply it happens at random in certain machines with Kubuntu installed. I wonder if you know any reason that could create this problem.

I know avoiding the /tmp files is not a solution, but by default they are cleaned every time the system is restarted, so for personal computers it's usually fine and they won't overcrowd the memory. The issue is that if the error happens often, the user has to recover files from /tmp...
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