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clos par Globs le 21/08/2007 @ 15:24  Sujet n° 42  gvim on Win - inserts extra linefeeds?

le 25/01/2006 @ 18:26
par Whterbt



EE+gvim works great for me on Linux.  However, in Windows, when the email has been edited with gvim, it has the '\r\n' newline, and Thunderbird doesn't seem to interpret that properly in text mode.  When the email is sent, the lines are double-spaced.  Also, if I re-edit a message, it shows up in gvim double-spaced. 

I tried setting fileformat=unix, which seems to fix the newline problem in the message, but EE then won't recognize the headers properly (they get inserted into the message body).

Anyone have a good workaround for this, and/or would it be possible to get EE to recognize '\n' as a newline in Windows?
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Réponse n° 1
le 01/02/2006 @ 20:10
par Globs



I installed gvim on windows to try that. With the default install, everything seems to works fine... except that: after having edited in vim, if I copy-past some text in the TB editor, the double-newlines appear in the pasted block. the original still  seems correct, even if it contains 'the root of the bad' confused
I then tried with notepad, and the behaviour is exactly the same.

So I corrected this bug. I'll send you a 0.7.2 beta by mail; could tell me here on the forum if this solves your issue ?

Ecrire à Globs   Site web Globs clos par Globs le 21/08/2007 @ 15:24  Haut
Réponse n° 2
le 08/02/2006 @ 16:36
par whterbt


The 0.7.2 version you sent me fixed the problem. Thanks for your help, and thanks for the useful extension!
  clos par Globs le 21/08/2007 @ 15:24  Haut
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