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actif  Sujet n° 363  Using External Editor with HTML

le 03/04/2017 @ 01:59
par DaveRo



External Editor seems to work with plain text emails but not with HTML. As mentioned in another thread it generates an error in the console:
Error: TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null
Source File: chrome://exteditor/content/exteditor.js
Line: 442

I did a temporary fix for HTML by simply removing that line, as follows:
Download the addon: exteditor_v100.xpi
Unpack it (it's a zip file)
Unpack chrome/exteditor.jar (also a zip file)
Edit chrome/content/exteditor.js
Remove line 442 and the preceding && so that the function becomes:
function isEditAsHtml() {
    return (

Repack everything (zip then rename to jar or xpi)
Drag the resulting xpi onto TB's addon tab.

I didn't try to work out what the offending line was supposed to do. So I don't guarantee that this works everywhere and always!
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