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Yamb stands for "Yet Another Mail Biff": For those who think than checking for new mail every minute is not enough, Yamb let you set the interval in seconds in the Account manager. Yamb will also call an external notifier (to display a dialog box, play a sound or whatever you want), according to various parameters.


Yamb settings allow you to set the new mail check interval in seconds for every account in the Account manager (Only RSS feeds check is still always in minutes).
In the Yamb settings dialog box, you can chose for every type of account (movemail, pop3, imap, nntp, ...) whether you want to be notified for junk mails and for mails moved to other folders by filters.

The notifier receives many parameters, so that you can chose what and how you want to display them; These parameters are: subject, sender, recipients list, message size, folder, account type, account name, body.
The notifier executable may be given with arguments (which must be quoted if they contain spaces).
Example : wscript.exe "C:\Program Files\notifier.vbs"

Here are some external mail notifiers you can use and customize:

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