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Web iPhoto Access - Introduction
Cet article n'est pas disponible en Français.

Date de création : 27/01/2006 @ 19:59
Dernière modification : 27/01/2008 @ 22:24
Catégorie : Web iPhoto Access
Page lue 89950 fois

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Réaction n°4 

par ttt le 03/09/2006 @ 16:28


Réaction n°3 

par Dualg4 le 09/02/2006 @ 10:31

Very nice application (for me, really better than iPhotoWebShare and Webphoto, I was both using before)

I was thinking about 2 enhancements:
- display the folders (new feature of iPhoto since version 5) [done in 2.1]
- in the user administration page, it could be nice if we could give full access to some users (with this feature, we don't need to modify access rights if we add photos) [done in 1.0]

Réaction n°2 

par RogerB le 28/01/2006 @ 07:45


Thanks for putting this application together and making it available to us. I do have some suggestions that you may
wish to consider to make it even better.

The process for a user to see the pictures is too much work.
There should be a simple list of albums to choose from.
When the user selects an album, the thumbnails for the album
should be presented. If the user wants to see a bigger view
of a picture, he/she clicks on it, and it appears in a new
window. The new window contains not only the larger
version of the picture, but a set of buttons that let the
user step through to the next/previous picture, or to start
a slide show. [done in 0.7]

The search feature you have provided is nice, but should be
tucked away for the power users to access. People may
want to download the larger views of selected pictures, but
they shouldn't have to download them and open them with
another application just to see them. [done in 0.7]

I have been using iPhotoWebShare so far, but some people
have trouble with it because it uses a nonstandard port that
often gets blocked by firewalls. This is too bad, because its
interface is very clean and intuitive and provides an online
photo library the way most people would expect.

Again, thanks for all your hard work, and good luck with
future versions!

Réaction n°1 

par RobAir le 28/01/2006 @ 05:24

IMHO this is a very cool idea, Style Steve jobs like style.
Simple, and easy,... it just works..
First public release ?.. Nice job !
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