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Web iPhoto Access - Historique


Version 2.7 (30 Sep 2012)

  • [fix] Compatible with iPhoto 9.4 (Aspect Ratio not provided anymore in AlbumData.xml)

Version 2.6 (06 Nov 2011)

  • [new] Compatible with Lion and Snow Leopard only (PPC support dropped)
  • [new] Clicking on a picture now enters the slideshow mode. An icon has been added to select pictures for download
  • [new] Add a way to install WiPhA in a different path (see installation instructions)
  • [fix] Fix video streaming to Safari (tested with Safari 5.1.1) and iPhone (tested with iOS 4)
  • [fix] Suppress video caching, to solve a bug where a video could only be seen once
  • [fix] Correct one more warning on Snow Leopard appearing when parsing the library
  • [fix] Some albums or events were missing in WiPhA if iPhoto gave them the same id

Version 2.5 (30 Aug 2009)

  • [new] Snow Leopard compatible (PHP 5.3.0)
  • [new] Videos can now be viewed on iPhones and iPod Touch (thanks Damien)
  • [new] Replaced the IE warning by a IE6 no more warning only showing with IE6
  • [fix] With iPhoto 8 libraries, some pictures were skipped when face detection had been used

Version 2.4 (17 May 2009)

  • [new] Add 'Events' in the albums Combo Box (iPhoto 7)
  • [fix] Much more robust mac alias resolving with a command line helper (for iPhoto 6 libs with photos not imported in the lib folder)
  • [fix] The download system did not work with Safari (since when?)
  • [fix] The mail icon is not displayed anymore on the "Selected for download" special album
  • [fix] The photocast URL taken from the photocast icon is the 'guest' one when logged as guest (meaning no authentication will be required in a RSS reader)
  • [fix] Remove smarty cache files on WiPhA installtion to make sure new html content in taken into account
  • The C source code of WiPhA helpers is delivered in the package

Version 2.3 (27 Jan 2008)

  • [new] Installer is Leopard compatible
  • [fix] The installer can now properly restart the web server (solves some "You don't have permission to access /~xxxx/wipha/ on this server" messages)
  • [fix] Fix version check for system where file_get_contents is not implemented
  • [fix] Remove an occasional strstr warning message
  • [fix] Use the library path defined in the library xml file if it is defined, rather than the path given to WiPhA
  • [fix] Replace a mv by cp+rm in the installer, as mv hung on certain occasions

Version 2.2 (3 Sep 2006)

  • [new] Now handles iPhoto movies too
  • [new] The number of columns in the thumb page adapts itself to the browser window width
  • [new] Dramatically speeds up libraries loading by caching data as much as possible (after initial loading)
  • [new] Photos data (Exif) remain displayed as long as the user doesn't hide them again
  • [new] Adds a configurable cache size limit by removing the oldest cached images
  • [new] Adds a check for unsupported iPhoto versions (older than iPhoto 4)
  • [new] The installer and application helper are now Universal Binaries
  • [fix] No more refresh issue after the login, logout or library select page (appeared on systems with proxies)
  • [fix] Fixed the prefetch feature during slideshows (Mozilla family only)
  • [fix] An url pointing to a specific picture, with the guest login parameter now works if the user is already logged
  • [fix] WiPhA now keeps working while loading a large picture or a movie in an other window
  • [fix] Solved some 30s timeout when working on huge libraries (24k+)
  • [fix] A photocast could fail if some picture title or comment contained forbidden html characters
  • [fix] Hides the real server file path in the session cookie
  • [fix] Avoids multiple session cookies to be created on successive login/logout
  • [fix] Fix bug avoiding to access some (old?) Libraries (don't rely anymore on "Archive Path" which may be null)
  • [fix] Properly displays a thumb obtained by clicking a wipha link item in a RSS reader
  • [fix] Displays Exif info when using the "Don't store files in iPhoto" option, and improve the original file search algorithm
  • Reworked WiPhA and installer icons
  • Made the guest login more visible for dumb users
  • The help page opens in a new window
  • Replaced some ajax calls by using cookies

Version 2.1 (29 Mar 2006)

  • [new] Uses Image Magick on non-Apple systems for image resize and compression
  • [new] Displays EXIF data on request in the slideshow mode
  • [new] Hierarchical folders/albums view in the search bar
  • [new] Adds a Paypal donation button in the main admin page
  • [fix] WiPhA may now be installed on more than one account on the same computer
  • [fix] Correct the 'forbidden access' bug (commented the mod_rewrite php-cgi setting)

Version 2.0 (22 Fev 2006)

  • [new] Photocast your albums without .mac !
  • [new] Works with PHP5 (Entropy package) and PHP4 (Default OSX)
  • [new] Libraries list only shows allowed ones
  • [new] Compresses slideshow images to improve download speed
  • [new] Prefetches next slide during slidehow (works only on Mozilla family browsers)
  • [fix] Solved a wrong date map blocks sorting (appeared if iPhoto was not sorting by time)
  • [fix] Forbids searching a reverse time period (ex: 23 - 15 Aug 2005)
  • [fix] Now properly supports multiple simultaneous block openings in the date map
  • [fix] Now clears the keywords field when starting a search in simple mode
  • [fix] Doesn't show the subscribed photocast albums anymore in the search bar album list
  • Rewrote the authentication system with a http auth for rss access
  • The "new version available" note is displayed on every page the first 20 sec of each login (as admin)
  • Don't display anymore the second search bar and pager when not necessary in the thumbnails page (when 1 to 6 thumbnails on the page)
  • Shows a "loading" wheel while waiting for data in the date map
  • Improved documentation presentation

Version 1.0 (15 Fev 2006)

  • [new] Multiple libraries management
  • [new] Filter on keywords
  • [new] Users can be set to have full access to a library (access to all library albums)
  • [new] Generates mails with a link to the displayed pictures
  • [new] Security: no data file is accessed through a direct URL anymore
  • [new] Import script improvements:
    • No need anymore to launch the script editor and click the run button
    • No need anymore to manually select the Photos folder
  • [new] Installer improvements:
    • Automatically starts or restart the web server
    • Automatically opens the WiPhA login page in the browser
    • Updates all files date to force reloading new versions
  • [new] 'Credits' page
  • [fix] Logins are not case sensitive anymore
  • [fix] Forbids direct access to AlbumData.xml
  • [fix] Removed a wrong warning stating the Library folder was not readable
  • [fix] Solved the date map which could be too small on Safari and hide the OK button
  • [fix] Solved the year bloc duplication when clicking in the date map background if the library had only photos taken during a single year
  • Changed the slideshow default delay to 10 seconds
  • The "Download" menu button is replaced by a link in the search bar
  • Improved IE (a little) and Opera support
  • A few style changes, minor improvements, minor bug fix

Version 0.7 (31 Jan 2006)

  • [new] Add a slideshow mode (manual and automatic)
  • [new] Add a default simple mode to the search bar.
  • [new] Add some prerequisite permission checks.
  • [fix] Solved displaying a full size photo on Safari
  • [fix] Solved 2 clicks needed on Safari to unselect a picture which had been displayed selected
  • [fix] Solved the php time limit which could be reached when parsing big (about 15000 photos) libraries
  • Security improvments
  • Add some checks in the installer

Version 0.6 (27 Jan 2006)

  • First public release

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