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External Editor - FAQ, Téléchargement
L'accès est direct avec les icones FAQ faq.gif et Téléchargement download.gif au sommet de la page.

Date de création : 23/08/2005 @ 20:46
Dernière modification : 09/12/2005 @ 23:01
Catégorie : External Editor
Page lue 16245 fois

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Réaction n°8 

par ChaTo le 18/02/2006 @ 16:52

How do I enable this implicitly? I want it to automatically open messages in the external editor

Réaction n°7 

par Prayatn le 10/02/2006 @ 04:17

It worked great. I will explore to see how much it is useful.

Réaction n°6 

par jules le 04/02/2006 @ 01:16

p.s.  OK, I got it.  Thunderbird just took a while to figure out that I might want to install something.

Thanks very much to the author of this extension, and to the previous poster who showed me how to do it!!


Réaction n°5 

par jules le 04/02/2006 @ 01:02

Exteditor _should_be what I'm looking for...
I have it on the disk, but Thunderbird
Tools->Extensions does not have 'install", just uninstall
or get more.  I can download it, but then what do
I do with it??

I really want this to work, or I have to go to Pine....

Réaction n°4 

par Vasili le 03/02/2006 @ 20:21

Thank YOU !!!  vim works great as external editor !
I have been looking for such capability on linux mailers
for years and very happy to have this on TB 1.5.
    But I had a hard time figuring out how to install it,
I strongly suggest you give more detailed instructions
on the "Usage" page, like:
1.  download  (save on disc the file exteditor_v071.xpi)
2. TB>Tools>Extensions>Install :
              choose exteditor_v071.xpi
3. restart TB
4. Write>View>Toolbars>Customize:
              drag editor icon to Compose window
5. TB>Tools>Extensions>Preferences:
              fill in:  xterm -e vim
Done !

Many thanks for providing this capability to TB !

Réaction n°3 

par Jeff le 22/12/2005 @ 23:23

This is fantastic.  THANK YOU.  You're my hero for the month.

Réaction n°2 

par jlh le 20/09/2005 @ 23:46

This extension is precisely what I've been looking for. Anyone being used to one of the sophisticated editors available these days will easily get annoyed by the simple (sometimes buggy) plain text editor built into mozilla/thunderbird. I can now use my favourite editor to write mails (in my case vim/gvim). Thanks a lot!

Réaction n°1 

par IrekSzczesniak le 01/09/2005 @ 10:29

Thank you for the extension!  I have been looking for a long time for a tool which integrates Emacs with Mozilla Thunderbird.  It would be great if the Emacs window opened in the Thunderbird window, but at this moment your solution is fully functional anyway.  FYI: I'm running Linux Fedora 3, and Thunderbird 1.0.6.

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