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Small slideshow


MacOSX / iPhoto


Export from iPhoto a slideshow integrated in GuppY.


This template is meant to be used with the iPhoto plugin BetterHTMLExport (shareware): It generates a set of php pages based on the external page integration provided in GuppY (pages/sample.php). This set contains a preview sheet with subtitles, linked to each of the slideshow picture.


  • Download and install BetterHTMLExport (standard)
  • Download and unzip the template
  • Copy the folder in one of these 2 directories (create the directory if needed):
    • (users home directory)/Library/BetterHTMLExport/templates/
    • /Library/BetterHTMLExport/templates/

Usage constraints

  • In BetterHTMLExport parameters, you must define the generated files extension as 'php'.
  • The generated files include GuppY php files, whose path has been hardcoded. Thus, an export must be copied at a specific level of your site tree: GuppYRoot/????/MyExport, where ???? represents any directory, as 'photo', 'slideshow', or anything you want.

iPhoto slideshow for GuppY(7 419 Kb)Downloaded 543 timesDownload

Close External Editor

Last version Thunderbird 2 compatible.

External Editor Version 0.7.4(36 891 Kb)Downloaded 1608 timesDownload

  • [new] Compatible with Thunderbird 3 (and only Thunderbird 3) as of version beta1
  • [new] The behaviour will be more responsive when closing the external editor
  • [new] New locales: zh-CN, fi-FI, be-BY, ar, zh-TW, ru-RU
  • [bug] Correct a bug causing the Thunderbird editor window to remain disabled after an error when closing the external editor

External Editor Version 0.8.0(47 919 Kb)Downloaded 8428 timesDownload

Close Web iPhoto Access (WiPhA)

  • [new] Installer is Leopard compatible
  • [fix] The installer can now properly restart the web server (solves some "You don't have permission to access /~xxxx/wipha/ on this server" messages)
  • [fix] Fix version check for system where file_get_contents is not implemented
  • [fix] Remove an occasional strstr warning message
  • [fix] Use the library path defined in the library xml file if it is defined, rather than the path given to WiPhA
  • [fix] Replace a mv by cp+rm in the installer, as mv hung on certain occasions

WiPhA 2.3(2 351 182 Kb)Downloaded 1053 timesDownload

Close Yamb

Last version Thunderbird 2 compatible.

Yamb Version 0.6.8(30 550 Kb)Downloaded 787 timesDownload

  • Compatible with Thunderbird 3 (and only with Thunderbird 3)
  • New locales available: zh-CN, pt-BR, pl-PL, fi-FI, af-ZA, gl-ES

Yamb Version 0.7.0(40 885 Kb)Downloaded 14308 timesDownload

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