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Note n°73 par Floris le 28/05/2010 @ 10:28
This is beautiful! Just very beautiful... Thank you!

Note n°70 par Rick le 23/03/2010 @ 04:04
Wipha is an awesome piece of software! This is an excellent solution to make my photos available to my family and relatives without uploading them to the web. The best thing is that I have COMPLETE control over how I want to display them to different users and whether I want to put wipha online or offline :)

Note n°68 par Urs le 18/01/2010 @ 15:35
WiPhA is a very cool software. But I would like to have reel access to such shared library. Instead of only RSS feed I would prefer DPAP serving. It would be nice to have this piece of software running on a Linux box or a NAS as a centralized iPhoto server.

Note n°65 par Dave le 29/06/2009 @ 02:10
THANK You. WiPha is a tremendous piece of software, and amazingly stable and workable.
Thank you. A blessing.

Note n°51 par Mr187 le 13/05/2008 @ 21:57
Wipha is a great tool, I use to maintain my website just for photos, lots of editing,  scaling down and have to remember to update my site, but with this tool whatever is in iPhoto library it's on your wipha site. I will be donating.
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