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Note n°50 par GuyUmbright le 12/05/2008 @ 06:40
WIPHA is exactly what I needed. Thanks for such an awesome piece of software!

Note n°46 par win le 19/02/2008 @ 21:11

External Editor can't use frontpage2003 to edit html mail ?

i install External Editor anf try it

but can't use.

Note n°45 par markd le 26/01/2008 @ 20:38
Hello - I'm not sure if Web iPhoto Access is being maintained anymore, but I just stumbled across it last week.  It is exactly what I need, and has already saved me a ton of work.  I did a little fiddling to get it working with apache 2 in 10.5, and it is awesome.  I have over 7,000 photos all tagged with the appropriate keywords, and I've up to this point had no good way to share all of my hard work tagging with other people.  I have spent a lot of time exporting pictures to some photo gallery software, which removes the tags, and is generally more work than it should be.  While Web iPhoto Access isn't terribly feature-filled, the simple job that it does is incredibly great.  I hope development continues, and I owe you a case of beer!!

Note n°41 par Jeroen le 17/03/2007 @ 00:33
Love the idea of WiPhA! First impressions are good. Try to make it run on a linux server. If not, I will use it on my Mac at home. Thank you.

Note n°40 par tova le 13/03/2007 @ 14:41
coucou globs !
quel pseudo ! aussi original et sympathique que ton site ...
tu me sidéreras toujours, avec tout tes programmes et autres ...
gros becs
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