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yamb.pngYamb Version 0.6.6 - by Globs 17/12/2005 @ 15:18

At last, my new server is up, and I can release Yamb 0.6.6:
  • [new] Complex characters managment (UTF-8 translation) for elements passed to the notifier (except the message body)
  • Locales update

yamb.pngYamb Version - by Globs 06/12/2005 @ 12:40

Replaces the 0.6.5 version:
Corrects some uncompleted locales.
The version didn't solve the issue. (Never work in a hurry!)

yamb.pngYamb 0.6.5 : official delivery - by Globs 02/12/2005 @ 22:07

  • [new] Setting check intervals in seconds has now become an option.
  • [new] The message body is passed to the notifier. There are however a few restrictions:
    • The command line length being limited, only the first 500 characters are passed.
    • The text is directly extracted from the mail file, without being decoded. This may generate poor results for accented and complex (chineese...) characters.
    • This raw text also contains the encoded attachments. The way Yamb deletes them is probably not bullet proof.
  • [bug] Corrects the mail check timing (when the 'check interval in seconds' is activated): Some checks were not performed.

Extensions auto update - by Globs 16/10/2005 @ 19:15

As of today, Thunderbird automaticaly updates my extensions (according to it's settings).
To initialize the mecanism, you nevertheless need to download and install again the last version of the extension (Yamb: 0.6.4, External Editor: 0.7.1) in which I added the update URL.

yamb.pngYamb: updated locales of version 0.6.4 - by Globs 29/09/2005 @ 13:41

Updated the Spanish and Italian locales of version 0.6.4 .

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