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wipha.pngWiPhA 2.2: installeur corrigé - par Globs le 03/09/2006 @ 23:33

L'informatique n'est pas une science exacte.
J'ai remplacé un mv qui bloquait lors de l'installation par un cp suivi d'un rm.
Allez comprendre ...

L'installeur a été mis à jour à 23h20. Pas de changement de version.

wipha.pngWiPhA 2.2: support de la video - par Globs le 03/09/2006 @ 00:52

  • [new] Now handles iPhoto movies too
  • [new] The number of columns in the thumb page adapts itself to the browser window width
  • [new] Dramatically speeds up libraries loading by caching data as much as possible (after initial loading)
  • [new] Photos data (Exif) remain displayed as long as the user doesn't hide them again
  • [new] Adds a configurable cache size limit by removing the oldest cached images
  • [new] Adds a check for unsupported iPhoto versions (older than iPhoto 4)
  • [new] The installer and application helper are now Universal Binaries
  • [fix] No more refresh issue after the login, logout or library select page (appeared on systems with proxies)
  • [fix] Fixed the prefetch feature during slideshows (Mozilla family only)
  • [fix] An url pointing to a specific picture, with the guest login parameter now works if the user is already logged
  • [fix] WiPhA now keeps working while loading a large picture or a movie in an other window
  • [fix] Solved some 30s timeout when working on huge libraries (24k+)
  • [fix] A photocast could fail if some picture title or comment contained forbidden html characters
  • [fix] Hides the real server file path in the session cookie
  • [fix] Avoids multiple session cookies to be created on successive login/logout
  • [fix] Fix bug avoiding to access some (old?) Libraries (don't rely anymore on "Archive Path" which may be null)
  • [fix] Properly displays a thumb obtained by clicking a wipha link item in a RSS reader
  • [fix] Displays Exif info when using the "Don't store files in iPhoto" option, and improve the original file search algorithm
  • Reworked WiPhA and installer icons
  • Made the guest login more visible for dumb users
  • The help page opens in a new window
  • Replaced some ajax calls by using cookies

Bonne nouvelle: Yamb et External Editor compatibles avec TB 2.0 - par Globs le 04/08/2006 @ 00:54

J'ai testé Yamb et External Editor avec la version alpha 1 de Thunderbird 2.0. Tout va bien, tout au moins autant qu'avant cool

Mise à jour des extensions pour Tb 1.5.0.x - par Globs le 21/04/2006 @ 23:51

Yamb et External Editor ont été mises à jour pour Thunderbird 1.5.0.x.
Cette mise à jour peut être effectuée automatiquement par Thunderbird.

wipha.pngWiPhA 2.1 dispo: support Image Magick et Exif - par Globs le 01/04/2006 @ 15:37

  • [new] Uses Image Magick on non-Apple systems for image resize and compression
  • [new] Displays EXIF datas on request in the slideshow mode
  • [new] Hierarchical folders/albums view in the search bar
  • [new] Adds a Paypal donation button in the main admin page
  • [bug] WiPhA may now be installed on more than one account on the same computer
  • [bug] Correct the 'forbidden access' bug (commented the mod_rewrite php-cgi setting)

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