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  • [new] Uses Image Magick on non-Apple systems for image resize and compression
  • [new] Displays EXIF datas on request in the slideshow mode
  • [new] Hierarchical folders/albums view in the search bar
  • [new] Adds a Paypal donation button in the main admin page
  • [bug] WiPhA may now be installed on more than one account on the same computer
  • [bug] Correct the 'forbidden access' bug (commented the mod_rewrite php-cgi setting)

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wipha.pngWiPhA 1.0 dispo - par Globs le 15/02/2006 @ 18:33

  • [new] Multiple libraries management
  • [new] Filter on keywords
  • [new] Users can be set to have full access to a library (access to all library albums)
  • [new] Generates mails with a link to the displayed pictures
  • [new] Security: no data file is accessed through a direct URL anymore
  • [new] Import script improvements:
    • No need anymore to launch the script editor and click the run button
    • No need anymore to manually select the Photos folder
  • [new] Installer improvements:
    • Automatically starts or restart the web server
    • Automatically opens the WiPhA login page in the browser
    • Updates all files date to force reloading new versions
  • [new] 'Credits' page
  • [bug] Logins are not case sensitive anymore
  • [bug] Forbids direct access to AlbumData.xml
  • [bug] Removed a wrong warning stating the Library folder was not readable
  • [bug] Solved the date map which could be too small on Safari and hide the OK button
  • [bug] Solved the year bloc duplication when clicking in the date map background if the library had only photos taken during a single year
  • Changed the slideshow default delay to 10 seconds
  • The "Download" menu button is replaced by a link in the search bar
  • Improved IE (a little) and Opera support
  • A few style changes, minor improvements, minor bug fix

exteditor.pngExternal Editor Version 0.7.2 - par Globs le 14/02/2006 @ 12:01

  • [new] Ajout d'une option nom de fichier temporaire 8+3 pour utiliser un éditeur DOS.
  • [new] Locale Polonaise
  • [bug] Corrige l'apparition de doubles retours à la ligne lors d'un copier/coller d'un bloc édité sous Windows.

wipha.pngWiPhA 0.7 dispo - par Globs le 31/01/2006 @ 17:37

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