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wink Marvelous job you did! I just successfully installed wipha within a few minutes on my Server running OS X Server and it runs nearly fine.

Bug or Request: The problem is I always sort my pictures within an album in iPhoto to have the right sequence (which is not necessarily chronological). For instance a title picture first and subjects which belong together grouped together. Wipha unfortunately does not honor this sorting smile or I did not find where to switch it on or off. This is a major drawback for me as most of the time the title picture is in the end now which is not what I want the users to see.

Suggestion: For people using OS X server just add a special install feature where no permission, php, httpd enable and other stuff is done. Just let the user install wipha to a directory of choice. Nothing else. OS X server admins normally know what they are doing and everyone uses its own directory structures managed with ServerAdmin (using ACL's). So just create the folder and ask the user where to put it. The ACL's do the rest. Everything else is normally up and running already (httpd, php) and should not be tampered with.

Any way thanks for the great job and please give the sequence a thought or tell me if I miss something!

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