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Hello there all

I only sussed out Web iPhoto today and have a little play. I like the concept and may put it to good use or just be another toy, not sure yet because I can never stick to good things for too long frown

But anyhow. I have a small iPhoto Library in the Pictures Folder which worked well and has all the pictures there and guest and users are seeing them all too.

However, the first Library I uploaded is called bungas photos (the working copy on Web iPhoto) and the second, which I put into my Documents folder away from iPhoto launching them when I launch it, though for Web iPhoto I put it back into the Pictures Folder. This is a much larger Library and is called iPhoto Library which is the default name of course. For the path I dropped the folder into the path text box.

The Library did the same as uploading the bunga photos but then looking at the preview in Web iPhoto, all the names and even the different sizes and for each image was there, but no photos in it, just the blue and white question mark.

Is it because maybe this Library is to big? It should work in accordance with the first Library? Or any other reason?

Looking forward to a response wink

P.S. I posted this find on screencastsonline forum so you may get some more interested from there biggrin

picture this

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