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the name isn't well chosen, since "growlnotify" is the name of the CLI to growl

Oh, sorry not to have enough imagination. If you can propose an intelligent name which integrates well in the context and respects the pattern used for all scripts, I'll be glad to use ittongue.

why don't you integrate all the scripts directly to YAMB ?

Because I don't know all notification systems existing in the universe, nor do I intend to. The extension is designed in a way you can use any external system, so there is no limit to what you can do. But of course, this requires you to work a little bit.

the inline documentation of YAMB tells that 1=Subject, 2=From, ... and thus o­ne can expct the string "1", "2", ... to be replaced by the subject, from, ... in the command line entered just before

OK, I could remove 1=, 2=,... and just write that the parameters come in this order. Anyway, what did you expect ? You are calling a script which receives parameters. How did you want it to receive them ? The solution you expected is just not possibleeek. This is also  why I provided some notification  scripts: as examples.

the missing -n

You did not tell me if this -n option is required or not. I haven't Growl installed, so I can't test it, but the current script has been provided by a user, so I suppose the option is not necessary. Do you confirm?

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