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active Topic # 191  date/time calculations in iphotoparser.php

02/05/2007 @ 23:06
by Jeroen



1st: I think WiPhA is great!

I noticed something strange: for photo's after 2007-02-28 the date shown below the photo was 1 day earlier than that in iPhoto/EXIF. Guess it's got something to do with the way iPhoto and PHP handle date/timestamps.

I found some sort of solution myself. I changed the following code in iphotoparser.php, in function timerIntervalToTimestamp:

$d = getdate(intval($appleTimerInterval));
return mktime($d['hours'],$d['minutes'],$d['seconds'], $d['mon'],$d['mday'],$d['year']+31, 0);


return intval($appleTimerInterval)+978307200;

(978303600 is the unix timestamp voor 2001-01-01 00:00 on my system, and I added 3600 seconds to because this gave the expected results - don't ask why...)

I don't know if the above is of any use to others, or if it is worth using in the distributed code. Maybe it is.
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