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active Topic # 196  running OSX server

09/06/2007 @ 05:22
by johnrover



I love iPhoto Access. It is a great program!

Can anyone offer any advice as to configureing it properly to run on OSX 10.4 server. In 10.4 server "personal web sharing" doesn't exist, but a more complex server admin tools do. I run a handful or web services on differnt ports and make extensive use of acess control lists. Any advice?
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Answer n 1
08/08/2007 @ 23:33
by Preston


The best way to do this is to open up the installer package.  Inside there is a file called "script" that is just a shell script that does the install.

Much of it is for upgrading, for installs you need to set permissions correctly - and make sure you have PHP enabled on Apache (lots of instrucitons out there on how to do that).

Otherwise its just a nice PHP based web 2.0 app that knows how to parse iPhoto album data.

There is very little about the app that is OS X.

You could even run it on a non-os x machine as long as it has filesystem access to iPhoto libraries...

I have a script that I may post that will bulk add the libraries of all users in a directory to WIPHA's serialized library file, and a patch/hack I use to enable guest access to all libraries.  With this change, you can then use a .htaccess file or use realms to restrict access to the PHP app instead of using WIPHAs builtin user system (which is awkward if you have 80 users who you want to all have access to each others photos...).

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