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active Topic # 197  emacsclient non-UTF encoding problem

11/06/2007 @ 01:57
by wulczer



I'm using EE with emacsclient and I have a problem. I've set up Thunderbird to use ISO-8859-2 as my deefault encoding for outgoing mail, and my Emacs is also using ISO-8859-2 as the default encoding. But after I finish writing a message in Emacs it appears in TB with non-ISO-8895-2 characters. When I choose the Unicode option in EE and tell Emacs to edit files in UTF8 it all works well. However, I don't want to write all my emails in Unicode and would rather stick to ISO-8859-2. I actually believe it's a bug in EE and the way it handles characters with the high bit set.
Any help would be appreciated.
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