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forum.gifForum - External Editor - Topic #14

Topic #14 DOS editors
    by LarryLevine - visitor
05/10/2005 @ 02:38
Thanks much for providing this extension!

When I switched to Thunderbird, I deeply regretted having to give up the editor and spell-checker I had been using, EZQUOTE and JSPELL (shelled from the former).

But these are DOS applications that do not understand long filenames. I could not use
EZQUOTE without making a small modification to External Editor. Though I know very little Javascript, I was able to substitute a 8+3 temporary filename by truncating the Subject and Time.

I suppose, few people today are interested in DOS editors, however, the two applications mentioned above still have some advantages over more current offerings. So, perhaps in a future version of External Editor, you might consider adding an option for 8+3 temporary filenames.

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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 31 messages )
17/10/2005 @ 14:44
I added an option for 8+3 filenames.
It's o­nly available (i.e. visible in the preference window) when running o­n a Windows OS, as there is no point using 8+3 filenames o­n MacOS or other Unix.
I'll release it soon, watch my rss news feed.

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Answer #2 by Globs - rank ( 128 messages )
14/02/2006 @ 12:15
this has been long, but I finally released it, with a windows double new-line bug resolved too.
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