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Topic #26 diplay chinese character in email header?
    by Guohan - visitor
03/12/2005 @ 13:33
i use newmailnotify under debian. subject with chinese character doesnot show properly. It seems yamb passes mime2DecodedSubject to the notifier. How can I decode this string properly. I tried several decoding ways in python, but no success. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 53 messages )
03/12/2005 @ 13:45
I don't know which encoding Thunderbird uses in mime2DecodedSubject, and could not find any information about it. So I'm afraid I really can't help you here.

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Answer #2 by lguohan - visitor
05/12/2005 @ 15:10
after poking a little in mozilla source, it seems it is encoded in utf-16. Directly passing this as arguments may lose the higher 8 bits, so that it's unable to decode chinese character in the notifier. Can we re-encoded to utf-8 as args? If that's OK, any suggestion for how to implement this is appreciated, as I'm new to the xpcom programming.
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Answer #3 by Globs - rank ( 55 messages )
06/12/2005 @ 15:13
OK, thank's for these info, and your help for testing the evolution.
the forthcoming 0.6.6 version will add a new setting to allow converting the parameters to UTF-8.
(Except for the body, which is really tricky, with it's Charset and Content-Transfer-Encodingfrown.

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