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Topic #29 Using a running editor
    by Brian - visitor
11/12/2005 @ 17:04

This is really one of the things I have had on my wishlist for Christmas. Thanks a lot.

I run emacs as the editor and it works, but the extension seems to require that the editor is closed to insert the mail in the thunderbird composer. I would prefer to be able to use a running emacs instead. This can also be done by using gnuclientw, but it does not know when to return to thunderbird.
Is it somehow possible to instruct the extension that emacs editing is finished without closing it?

Maybe I should ask this on the emacs newsgroup, too?

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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 60 messages )
11/12/2005 @ 18:01
if I knew how to do it, it would probably be already implemented. I found no other way than launching a new thread (this was already difficult enough to deal with) and wait for the editor to return. I even can't imagine an other generic and clean way to do this.

I use this extension with NEdit. I may already have a NEdit server running, and I can launch a blocking client. That means the client creates a new tab in the existing NEdit window, blocks, and returns when I close the tab.
Maybe you can find a similar behaviour with emacs?
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Answer #2 by Nigel - visitor
06/01/2006 @ 15:13
At least with XEmacs the key sequence "C-x #" completes the edit and informs gnuclient that it can exit, returning to Thunderbird. I don't know about FSF Emacs, but it is probably the same.
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Answer #3 by Brian - visitor
07/01/2006 @ 11:03
Yes, it seems that that could be a solution, but the buffer is not started as a gnuserv process. I will have to work a bit on it.

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