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02/03/2009 @ 10:12
by Allen



Hello! I'm using a shell script to take the new messages sent and perform some scripted actions on the parameters that yamb sends. In particular, I would like to strip the html from the message body, and take portions of the body for use in another program.

Unfortunately, the messages that I need to parse are too long for Yamb to send.

Is it possible to lengthen the body parameter to give me more of the body message, or even the full body?

Thank you for your help and wonderful program! I wish I had control over the messages being sent to me for parsing- unfortunately, I don't. Yamb is a wonderful plugin!

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Answer n 1
28/03/2009 @ 13:32
by Globs




I won't add this behaviour but here is how you can hack the extension to get it yourself:

unzip the extension, then unzip the file chrome/yamb.jar, and edit the file content/yamb.js.

Search for 'body.substring(0, 500)' , and obviously replace it by 'body'.

Then, repackage everything, and reinstall.
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