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active  Topic # 331  EE10 crashed TB 9.0

05/02/2012 @ 07:54
by heboland



Hello! I updated my openSuse 12.1 Thunderbird. That brought it up to 9.0.

When I attempted to download the externaleditor_v100.xpi with Firefox 9.0.1 the download dumps a binary looking file into the download window.

Half a dozen of the downloads on the Globs counter all came out the same way. Out of desperation, I selected all, copied and pasted the contents into a text editor and saved the file to the download file name.

Having to get the TB extension this way doesn't surprise me when it makes TB 9.0 crash.

Can I collect some information about these failures (extension download and TB crash)? Heboland
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Answer n 1
08/02/2012 @ 20:57
by heboland


Replying to myself, things have changed, so I wanted to add them here for completeness. I want to note two changes of significance here.

The first is that I downgraded my TB from 9 to 7.0.1. With 7.0.1 the EE100 works.

The second is a description of what it took for me to get EE100.

Several newer Firefox (FF) browsers including my 12.1 dump the XPI file into the download window as binary "text". Copying this dump is almost, but not identical to the original file.

Windows Internet Explorer (MSIE) will not browse to the Globs website. I think it is a security issue. This happened on two MSIE apps, one on my computer and one on a local library computer.

So get get an actual closed form file downloaded, I used the FF browser at the library to browse to and surfed to the download page. I cut and pasted that address into MSIE and the page displayed.

MSIE downloaded the XPI file. That's the file I'm now using. The file I cut and pasted from FF also crashed TB 7.0.1. Heboland
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