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active  Topic # 343  Wipha with https

05/01/2013 @ 00:39
by guigui



I've installed wipha successfully on a ubuntu server with a local mirror of my iPhoto library.
I use as a webserver apache2 configured to use https by default.
Everything works great except login and logout which tend to redirect to the server address with http and not https. Modifying the address in the browser bar works fine, but that can only be a temporary solution.
Any idea of what part of main.php or other file I should modify?
Thanks a lot for your answer and keep up the good work!
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Answer n 1
05/01/2013 @ 00:54
by Guigui


OK, replying to myself...
It's a bit dirty but I found a solution. so if anyone is interested, do the following :edit the utils.php file in libs folder and replace all occurrences of http:// by https://
don't replace this section, it contains external link that are not impacted by the problem :function cssValidUrl() {    $val = "";    return validUrl($val);

function xhtmlValidUrl($libId) {    $val = "";    return validUrl($val, $libId);

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