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Topic #50 Manual Install on Server
    by Hunter - visitor
01/02/2006 @ 05:56

Great project. I am trying to integrate your project into an existing environment (essentially so I can access home's library while at sea) on an already configured server which does many other tasks. I've extracted all the files and set permissions and the like but I really don't want the use a user site folder but my existing protected www server directory instead. Do you think the code will ever be altered to designate a base directory instead of a user's site folder.

Thank you,
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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 106 messages )
01/02/2006 @ 11:40
only the installer is hard wired to $­HOME/Sites.

You can move the wipha folder anywhere you want. All you have to ensure is that you have a valid ipl link to your iphoto library folder in the wipha folder, and that your special permissions on changerperm, data and data/cache are still OK.
Or maybe you don't need these permisions: it depends on how and who runs apache...

As you can see, I even run my online demo on a Linux server. I desactivated the changeperm call which is a macos executable, since I have no access problem on this server (apache running as myself in a chrooted env).
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Answer #2 by Hunter - visitor
01/02/2006 @ 13:35

I had everything except the setting perms on changeperm (the error referring to the $HOME/Sites through me), now everything works great. I actually rsync the library from another machine, this will work out perfectly, thank you.

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