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Topic #59 You don't belong here ...
    by Simplet - visitor
08/02/2006 @ 17:30
I finally managed to install it after changing the permissions to chmod -R o+rx /Users/shortname/Pictures.
Now, I always get a "You don't belong here" message from the finder asking me to enter my Mac administrator name/pass to view my thumbnails.
What can I do ?
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Answer #1 by Simplet - visitor
10/02/2006 @ 01:43
Can anybody tell me how to set the permissions to be able to access my libraries (thumbnails pages) without having to enter my mac's admin password ?
I get to the thumbnail page, but it asks for my password to display the thumbnails.
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Answer #2 by Globs - rank ( 125 messages )
10/02/2006 @ 10:18
I won't help you but I have some similar issues since 10.4.3: OSX sometimes requires the admin password when it shouldn't have to. This is probably related with the keychain management but I didn't find the solution.

I suppose you use Safari which works with the keychain. Would Firefox (which has it's own password database) solve your issue ? You can give it a try...

Please let me know the results.
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Answer #3 by simplet - visitor
10/02/2006 @ 13:32
It has the same issue with Firefox.
I usually use Camino or Safari which make the same problem.
(By the way, when using Camino, the banner "Too cool for IE" does not disappear, as it detects it as IE)

I have tried changing the authorizations for my Pictures folder, but doesn't change anything. Since asking me anytime for my user/pass. That's quite a problem since I can't share my photo libraries because of that...

Thanks for your help.
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Answer #4 by Globs - rank ( 126 messages )
10/02/2006 @ 15:01
Thank's for reporting the Camino issue. I'll correct this.

For the password issue... I don't know what's wrong with your config. What is the application requiring the password (click in the detail arrow in the password prompt dialog box) ?

Is it related to your account or is it a general osx problem on your marchine ?
--> Do you have the same issue if you create a new mac account, create a small iPhoto lib and install wipha on this account, and access wipha in this account ?

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Answer #5 by Simplet - visitor
11/02/2006 @ 01:01
There's no application in the dialog box (it just says: To see this page, you have to open a session in the zone “You don't belong here” de mike-g4.local"

I installed wipha on another small account. First I had to change the perms to chmod -R o+rx /Users/shortname/Pictures because I could not go to the page passing the wipha name/pass page.
Then, it did not ask me for the machine user/pass, but just did not show the thumbnails at all (I could click the questionmarks icons and see the pictures though)


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Answer #6 by Globs - rank ( 127 messages )
11/02/2006 @ 01:13
No, sorry, I don't see what's going on.
One hope though: I'm working hard on the 1.0 version in which the thumbnails will be served the same way as the full and slide images in the 0.7. I'll also have to look on the permissions.
Maybe (I say Maybe) this version will work around your trouble... Give me 1 or 2 weeks to make this ready (I hope).
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Answer #7 by Simplet - visitor
11/02/2006 @ 14:28
I'll wait eagerly !
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Answer #8 by Simplet - visitor
11/02/2006 @ 17:18
I finally managed to see the thumbnails.

I had to change perms for iPhoto Libraries in the info box:

owner system instead of my admin name.

Works great now.
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