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Topic #60 [Workaround found] Yamb doesn't notify with mail filters & IMAP
    by Jonathan - visitor
08/02/2006 @ 22:07
Hi, I'm using KDE and Thunderbird 1.07 and I'm having a problem where Yamb does not put out a notification that new mail has arrived.  Let me describe the setup:  In Thunderbird I'm using an IMAP account with the messages being kept on the server and I use mail rules to sort my mail into mail folders under the Inbox, again, still not local on the machine.  It seems that Yamb is only triggered when the mail isn't filtered and just lands in the Inbox or if the mail lands into the folder that I am currently focused on in Thunderbird... for instance, if I was reading a message in folder 'foo', and I got a new message into folder 'bar, I would not get a notification but if I got one into 'foo', I would.

Is this a known bug?  Thanks.
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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 122 messages )
08/02/2006 @ 22:11
yes it's a known bug (which I forgot to add in the doc) and I have no workaround.cry

Sorry for that.

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Answer #2 by Jonathan - visitor
08/02/2006 @ 23:48
Hmmm..  Any idea if the behavior is solved with Thunderbird 1.5?  Or no workaround is no workaround...  frown
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Answer #3 by Globs - rank ( 123 messages )
08/02/2006 @ 23:53
No, it's not solved.
Yamb subscribes to a 'new mail' mozilla event and I don't get the notification when the message is redirected by a filter.mad
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Answer #4 by Dimitri - visitor
01/03/2006 @ 13:15
Hi, I found a working workaround for this issue. My configuration is as follows:

SW Config:
 - Thinderbird 1.5 (version 1.5 (20060226)) = nightly build for MacOSX
- Yamb 0.6.6 (only one "Notify" is checked in imap section)
- I'm using seconds as "Account settings"


- Imap server with check enevry 10 sec.
- Several folders and sub-foldes at server side.
- Using the procmail to sort e-mails on serverr side.

- Yamb only notify when e-mail arrives in "Inbox" folder.
- It could also notify in a folder/sub-folder if you have current focus on it.

Install the "Sync on Arrival" v.1.3 TB extention => no additional configuration is required.

Keep in mind that you need to enable "Offline use" for every IMAP folder.

Hope this will help out. cool

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