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Topic #73 You don't have permission to access /~alextr/wipha on this server
    by alextr - visitor
24/02/2006 @ 14:23

I installed version 2 on a new build of mac os x 10.4.5 with iphoto 5.0.4.

Firewall is off and the web sharing is on, php is the default php of mac os x 10.4.5 and nothing apart from the above and the installation have changed.

When i enter the website http://localhost/~alextr/wipha

or even the or even from another computer, i receive the following error.


the folder permissions seam to be ok because all of them are readable after i look in the folder and fileswith ls -l ( r   r   r).


The both sites of the Apache Mac OS X (root and user) are working!


You don't have permission to access /~alextr/wipha on this server.


im trying to think of something else but i cant!  Forbidden! any ideas?

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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 156 messages )
24/02/2006 @ 14:30
Please read the forum before asking. this has already been answered twice.

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