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Topic #82 Suggestion for filtering notification
    by Richard - visitor
17/03/2006 @ 17:32
I would suggest that the yamb extention add an action in the filtering of Thunderbird so that if you use Tbird message filtering to put it to another folder, you can also pass it through yamb. That way you can event select which filtered message would pass through the notification.

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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 170 messages )
17/03/2006 @ 23:22
That could be a cool way to do it, but it would imply a full new mechanism, leading to a complete rewrite of the extension, and digging into Thunderbird code is not the easiest thing; I won't have the time for that.
I will remember this good idea, but don't expect me to release anything at the moment or even later.
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