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Topic #86 Cannot access anything
    by Hunter - visitor
09/04/2006 @ 20:29

I have v1.0 successfully working on a 10.3.9 server but cannot get 2.1 working. The location of the Wipha folder is already in a protected directory so I don't really need it to be protected again. Either way I cannot access it. The realm when prompted is "WiPhA photocast" so I know WiPhA is controlling the access but nothing works, admin/admin or any of my current user logins that have access to the parent directory.

I've followed the threads regarding permissions and the .htaccess file information but nothing changes.

All the permissions have been set as described although I believe it isn't even getting that far. The Apache error log simply states
"Authenticating using checkpw failed, trying legacy method" so it appears the user/pw pair is failing. Using a pair that has access to the parent folder does not work either.

Unrelated... will WiPhA use ImageMagik if installed on the 10.3 machine?

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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 177 messages )
09/04/2006 @ 22:06

I don't see what you mean by "the wipha folder is already in a protected directory". Is it a http authentication protection ? I did not try this, but it will probably break the photocast authentication which uses it too, and may also be the source of the whole trouble.

If you're blocked by such a protection, it's outside of the Wipha scope and you're on your own to solve it.

If you pass this protection and reach the wipha login page, but can not loggin, I guess you'll have to remove your folder protection and give it a new try.

And at last, the wipha folder, anyway and anyhow, must be readable and accessible to other users on your computer (for apache to read the files).

When moving from 1.0 to 2.1, the user prefs are not kept, so the only login you can use is admin/admin (and this should be displayed on the login screen in a red warning box).

Regarding ImageMagick, it's won't be used on OSX, unless you tweak the code (just a test line to change). My tests showed it's far less efficient as sips, so it's really only a way to have wipha working on a linux server.

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Answer #2 by Hunter - visitor
10/04/2006 @ 01:08

I moved it off on its own and it works perfectly.
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