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Topic #91 What to expect from next releases ?
    by zepr - visitor
25/04/2006 @ 16:36
Hi all,
Globs this app is wonderful. Many thanx.
I just can't wait for the next releases. What do you plan to implement now?
If I can make a small request, I would love to see the posibility to choose the size of the diaporama and the use of prefetch to make it faster.
Great Job, keep it on.
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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 182 messages )
25/04/2006 @ 19:13

in fact, the prefetch is already done in the slideshow: each time you display a picture, the next one is also downloaded.
But this is only supported by mozilla browsers.

Choose the size of the slideshow ? Well, everything is internally ready for this, I have to create the GUI to set it, and to save this parameter somewhere.
But if you want to change it, you can alreday easily do it:

in the file main.php, modify the line
$­wipha->sendPhoto($­_GET['ph'], 640, 640);

where 640, 640 are the maximum width and height allowed for the slide.

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Answer #2 by Globs - rank ( 183 messages )
25/04/2006 @ 19:17
And to answer the title of the topic, I have no real plan for the next release, as I think WiPhA is now mature and does it's job just fine.

It will probably depend on users' requests.

But release rate won't be as fast as at the beginning: It's not needed anymore, and overall, I don't have as much time now (I've worked full time, days, and sometimes nights on WiPhA for 2 monthes, during a jobless period)
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Answer #3 by zepr - visitor
26/04/2006 @ 10:31
Merci pour ces réponses.
Thank you.
Good to know I can easily change the relosution of the diaporama.
It is mature indeed.

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Answer #4 by zepr - visitor
26/04/2006 @ 13:20
I changed
$­­wipha->sendPhoto($­­_GET['ph'], 640, 640);
$­­wipha->sendPhoto($­­_GET['ph'], 800, 800);
and don't notice any difference cry
Are you sure that nothing esle is needed?
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Answer #5 by Globs - rank ( 184 messages )
01/05/2006 @ 11:48
Oups, yes.

What I wrote only changes the generated image, but it's still displayed in a 640x640 max box (and is expanded or shrunk to fit this box).

You also need to update libs/wipha.php, in the function displaySlideshow():

if ($­­r>1) ­{­
    $­­w = 640; $­­h = round($­­w/$­­r);
} else ­{­
    $­­h = 640; $­­w = round($­­h*$­­r);

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