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Topic #95 Permission error on accessing some full sized images
    by Steve - visitor
05/05/2006 @ 16:39
I get this error:

Sorry, file '/Users/sgiessle/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2006/2006_04_29/IMG_0300.JPG' is not readable (permission issue)

Only for images that wipha finds in the "Modified" folder of my iPhoto Library. For some reason certain images are displayed as thumbnails which point to this folder instead of the originals. And this iPhoto by default uses a different permission scheme for this folder. Specifically, permissions are:

-rw------- 1 sgiessle sgiessle 1358265 May 3 17:43 IMG_0299.JPG
-rw------- 1 sgiessle sgiessle 1438904 May 3 17:43 IMG_0300.JPG

I'm not certain how wipha works, but it seems like the files not being world readable is the problem. If I manually change them (chmod 644) then it works, but this will not prevent the problem from happening again in the future when new "Modified" images get created. One thing I am puzzled by is - what is the "Modified" folder for? I did not modify the images that are in there. iPhoto must have done this automatically for some reason.
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Answer #1 by Steve - visitor
05/05/2006 @ 16:57
I just realized that the Photos in "Modified" were images that got rotated automatically because they were pix that I held the camera at a 90 degree angle (portrait shot). My camera has an auto rotate feature (Canon Powershot A520). For some reason iPhoto puts these particular photos in the Modified folder (strangely there is also an Original that looks the same - already rotated but with a slightly smaller file size). It seems to me that it should still work though. Maybe wipha needs to be modified somehow to change permissions on the fly for accessing the Modified folder? Anyone else have this issue?
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Answer #2 by Globs - rank ( 187 messages )
05/05/2006 @ 18:44
WiPha should deal with this problem. Every time it loads a library, it first (is supposed to) perform a chmod o+r on all images listed in your AlbumData.xml file (as well as chmod o+x on required directories).
And if wipha for some reason does not have the right to do it, it should display a warning.

So if you have no warning and no good permission, I'm lost...
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