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Topic #97 yamb, tb and osx bug
    by brian - visitor
10/05/2006 @ 20:05
It appears that there is a bug with yamb and thunderbird on os x.  before installing the plugin if i open thunderbird and then close the window, but the tb process is still running it will check for mail every x mintues.  after installing yamb and then closing the window it seems to cease any operations of checking for mail.  i have also noticed that when i uncheck the change account settings to seconds (so have thunderbird use minutes) it works, but only the thunderbird dock icon will reflect the change and yamb is not notifing growl of the new mail.
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Answer #1 by John - visitor
13/07/2006 @ 07:21
I am having the same problem, kinda annoying..

When I close the window using the X in the top right hand corner, thunderbird will check for mail every 10 minutes, when I have the Yamb plugin installed it does not check for updated unless I open the window back up.

I am not having the second problem, my removing the seconds thing works fine.


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