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Topic #102 Develop an extension for Thunderbird
    by Pete - visitor
25/05/2006 @ 21:48

I intend to develop an extension of Thunderbird that does filtering on incoming messages and move them in defined folders. Where can i get information how to achive this? Is there a kind of "API-documentation" or code-documentation of Thunderbird? How do you know where to get the folders or servers?

Thanks for advices.
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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 193 messages )
31/05/2006 @ 20:17

developping my 2 extensions has been the most difficult dev task in my life. In my point of view, there is no serious and usefull doc on Thunderbird APIs.
You'll have to dig in the code and try to understand by yourself how it works.
Use google, you'll find some articles or some posts that may help on specific api questions.
I spent hours on the net, trying to figure out how to use a function, an object, or which function to use...

However, you can get some xul bases and tutorials on xulplanet. Not enough imho, but much better than nothing anyway.

Good luck.

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