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Topic #106 installing WiPHA on OSX Server
    by Josh - visitor
16/06/2006 @ 19:09

I need step-by-step instructions on how to install WiPHA on OSX Server 10.4. PHP 4 is running (I turned on the module). And I tried dropping the WiPHA folder in the Webserver directory, but it is not working.

The standard install aborts before finishing. I know I need to configure some things, and get the photo directory linked to the apache directory, but I have no idea how!

I love this application, but I am a newbie when it comes to OS X Server, so any help is appreciated!

Running Server 10.4.6


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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 198 messages )
16/06/2006 @ 21:56

tried dropping the WiPHA folder in the Webserver directory

This should be enough for it to work. The basic step by step would be:
  • run the installer (it need to find a Sites folder in your home directory)
  • move the wipha folder where you want
  • open your browser, and do what you want to reach wipha/index.php where  you stored it

The standard install aborts before finishing

You need to be more precise about what happens here if you want to get a useful answer. The installer displays a log on all ongoing actions. Where does it stop ? Error message ?

get the photo directory linked to the apache directory

This isn't necessary anymore: once wipha is installed, the libraries are set in the admin part of the site.

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