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Topic #115 Theme Support
    by mikeyg - visitor
07/07/2006 @ 15:07
I thouroughly enjoy the speed and ease of use of your applicaiton, however the user interface could use a little tweaking.

I hate to say this, but something more akin to the 'Gallery' model would seem more easily navigable.

I was going to pursue this, perhaps altering the code to make it skinnable at the same time.  Any objections?
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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 219 messages )
10/07/2006 @ 21:41

regarding the license, you may modify the code or do whatever you want with it as long as the result remains released under the same free license.

I'm glad you like it, and if you can tweak it to better fit your needs, that's fine for me, it's the free software spirit.

I tried  to make it easy to skin, with a directory containing the css and skin images, and a variable naming this directory, but I'm aware that's not enough to have it really skinable: too many connection between the css and the templates.
The templates contain too many skin information.
If you can achieve this properly, I'll be glad to embed your improvement in the "official" release (if you're ok), but I suppose it will be a hard job.

About the Gallery model, I fully agree I didn't follow it, especially with the picture click which selects it for download instead of showing it in the slideshow mode: my primary goal was to make it easy to quickly find some pictures on a friend computer (accurate search criteria) and to download and import them in your own iPhoto Library.

Here again, if you can add a Gallery mode (maybe selectable as an option in the admin pages), which doesn't disturb the standard mode, and which doesn't make the code worse, I'll add it to the mainstream too.

Just let me know about your progress,
Good luck,

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