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Topic #117 Thanks! and some feedback
    by mailuser - visitor
08/07/2006 @ 20:51
This is working great for me.  I am running 0.6.7

One bug and one feature request:

Bug: that I am not receiving the body of the message.  I am getting everything else "Subject, Sender, ... , Account Name" but the arguments stop there.

Feature request:  I am using the notification to make an LED flash on my laptop.  It would be great if I could another notification when I open up Thunderbird so I can make it stop automatically.
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Answer #1 by mailuser - visitor
08/07/2006 @ 20:56
Some more details:

I am using IMAP account, and Thunderbird on Linux if that matters.
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Answer #2 by Globs - rank ( 221 messages )
10/07/2006 @ 21:57

It would be great if I could another notification when I open up Thunderbird so I can make it stop automatically

I'm not sure I understand what you want:

you want to make the led flash when thunderbird is iconified, and stop this behaviour when you open it's window ?

I don't think this could be done from inside thunderbird, which isn't aware of it's window state (handled by the window manager).

But in Linux, you can probably use some X11 or KDE tools to get the window properties, and flash the led according to the iconified state.
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Answer #3 by MM - visitor
11/07/2006 @ 21:21

I understand Dixit's suggestion, and is exactly what I was looking for when I browsed this forum:

We want the externall app to be notified when new mail arrives; that works fine (thanks for this great extension!)
but, as soon as the new mail is read, we would like a second notification to be sent to the app (with a special or custom argument, perhaps?), so that any continuous effect (sound / led on, etc.) can be switched off.

I have an app that turns the mail led led on or off, depending on the argument. I would like it to turn the led on at the same time as the little envelope icon appears on the system tray. Then, when I check the first message, the envelope disappears, and I would then like to be able to send another notification to switch the led off.

Thanks again for the great extension. If you could just implement this I believe it would become perfect!
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