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26/08/2006 @ 06:30
by AllanMarcus




I've just been playing with wipha and I'm impressed. I have a few suggestion that I think would help the program:

1) "Disconnect" is not the right word to display in the upper right. "Logout" would be better.

2) The ability to select photos and then download as a batch is great, but it's implemented a little odd. In almost all other gallery programs, when you click on the photo you get a larger photo. I suggest that you put a check box in the frame area around each photo, just to the right of the slideshow button, and make it so when the user clicks on the photo the slide show view is display. When clicking on a photo in the slide show view, the full size photo is displayed. In the slide show view there should be the same full size icon and selected check box as in the grid view. The tooltip should be "Add to download album"

3) The EXIF data should not be hidden when going to the next slide. If the user wants it on, it should stay on. When on there should be a "Hide EXIF data" link. Also, I would change the name from "EXIF data" to "Photo data" - EXIF is very geeky.

4) The documentation in English needs some proofreading. If you would like, I would be happy to fix it and send you a revised version. Let me know.

I used to use MyPhoto and iPhotoWebShare and was starting to look into Gallery. Your program looks very close to what I need. To me, it would be much better with the interface refinements.

There is also some caching problems that I think you said you have fixed in 2.2. I'm looking forward to playing with that. Let me know if you want a tester.

By the way,

system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType | grep 'System Version'

will tell you the full version of the computer, client and server too. For server it looks like:

System Version: Mac OS X Server 10.4.7 (8J135)

Thanks for the great program,


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Answer n 1
26/08/2006 @ 12:30
by Globs




Thank's for your comments and suggestions. I'll try to take some of them in account before releasing 2.2. In fact, all of them except the download vs slideshow switch. I explained on an older topic, and in the article reactions why I decided to go this way, and I think I want to stick to it at the moment (the other reason is it won't be easy at all to change it).

I'll be very happy to have some help improving the documentation. I'll send you a link to the 2.2 dev version, with the updated doc.

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