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Topic #126 yamb not complete
    by oldman - visitor
27/08/2006 @ 11:59

I have loaded the very beautifull Thunderbird and the last Yamb.

When I unpack the yamb.rar file, no .xpi file appears. I get 2 folders with unknown names impossible to install.

Is the yamb folder not complete ? How and where can I get the good one ?

I'am french. Excuse my english...

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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 245 messages )
27/08/2006 @ 12:02
Tu as un pb avec ton systeme de telechargement. Le fichier que je propose en download est un xpi, pas un rar, et il n'y a aucune manipulation necessaire avant d'installer l'extension dans Tb.
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Answer #2 by Globs - rank ( 246 messages )
27/08/2006 @ 13:09
Just for the record:

always set Windows to show file extensions.

This will prevent mistakes like thinking that an xpi file (which is in fact a zip file format) is a rar because winrar has been installed and Windows decided to show the file with a rar icon.
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