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forum.gifForum - External Editor - Topic #139

Topic #139 gvim on mac OS X
    by Albert - visitor
26/09/2006 @ 21:03
I am a great fan of the "external editor" and I use it on my Windows machine. At this point, I have spent a day trying to get it to work on my mac (OS X). After browsing through everything posted here, I still was not able to use it.

QUESTION: I want to put the appropriate line in the "Preferences" of the external editor. I have tried many things, including:

/Applications/ --nofork

open -a gvim

I can't get it to work. Ideally I do not want to go to my X11 system, but use the gvim GUI, which works great in the OSX environment.

I would appreciate any advice! Thanks. Cheers, Albert
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Answer #1 by Globs - rank ( 258 messages )
27/09/2006 @ 20:56

I found no way to launch gvim in a nofork way on osx.
vim launches correctly if you call it in the terminal:


But this does not open a new window.
I did not find how to have Terminal open a new window starting vim.
So I fallback on the only (currently, for me) working solution:

xterm -e ~/Desktop/vim70/

which you don't like either, as it requires X11.

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Answer #2 by Albert - visitor
28/09/2006 @ 09:01
Thanks a lot, Globs. I appreciate your help here. I will try to get it to work through X11 on my mac. Again, I really like this stuff. ---Albert
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